This website was established as a tourist information portal to promote the different locations in the Chubu area.


The Chubu area is filled with many attractions.
There is more to Japan than just Tokyo, Osaka and Kyoto.
Since Chubu is between Tokyo and Osaka, why not pay a visit on your way?
We will be showing different driving routes that will allow you to visit the great places that the Chubu area has to offer.





And each C has its respective color of blue, red, yellow, white and purple, and it means “Goshiki” (5 Colors).


Goshiki originates from China’s Yin-Yang and Five Elements Theories. Other than 5 Colors, there are many other things that are linked to the number five.


Gohou: To show direction
Goji: To show the seasons
Gojou: To show the virtues of people
Gokan: To show the senses of people


By travelling in Japan, there will be many opportunities for you to come across these 5 Colors.