Omi Beef is known as one of the “3 Great Beefs” of Japan. The finely grained texture of the beef and the balance between the meat and fat gives Omi Beef a unique characteristic that you cannot find elsewhere. The main store of Morishima Omihachiman has long perfected the cuisine of Omi Beef. Here you can enjoy various dishes like Shabu-shabu, Suki-yaki, steaks and traditional Japanese course meals that use Omi Beef. Our most popular Ishi-yaki (Stone-grill dish) can be ordered from 6,480 Yen (Orders from 2 people).


866-1, Higashigawa-cho, Omihachiman City, Shiga
Opening Times
Mon – Sat: 11:00 – 20:30
Sun & Public Holidays: 11:00 – 20:00